Scheduling Virtual Scoring App



  • The VSA is a manual hand scoring app that allows you to update the time and scores for any game you as an administrator have scheduled on the SCORBITZ system.
  • VSA availablie only for iOS mobile devices at this time.
  • The FREE Scorbitz Virtual Scoring App is designed to be used when your team is playing at a venue that isn't connected to a SSG (Scorbitz Scoreboard Gateway) or when there is no scoreboard for the venue (such as youth Soccer Games)
  • Username and password protect so that only venue owners can access and score their venues

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Personal Webpage


  • Offer your fans the latest technology in real-time scores and online fan communities. So your fans can follow all the action from their mobile devices.


  • Easily manage and communicate all game schedules for each team
    • Powerful online venue scheduling program built right into the system
    • Inputting and managing all your team schedules is easy
    • Provide directions to each game, weather forecasts, and any information you enter regarding the event such as price of admission


  • Two Scorbitz Apps have you covered
    • Scorbitz has a free app available for fans to follow all the action
    • A free admin app is available to manually input scores at away games if other schools you play are not on board yet


  • Dynamic advertising revenue generation for your venue, school or event surrounding your web and mobile enabled scoreboards
    • Excite advertisers with online local and regional marketing towards a coveted target audience
    • Advertisements display on both the website and mobile fans app
    • It's simple for advertisers to find and
      purchase advertising for a game, season or school
    • All that you have to do is price, view and accept the ads


  • Scorbitz provides each organization with it's own personal webpage
    • All your venues and teams listed on one page making it easy for your fans to follow their teams and watch your games online
    • Personalize your webpage URL to make it easy for your fans to remember (



  • Provide exciting pre-game, game-time and post game information through your team's social media channels


  • Game results automatically recorded and made available to your fans
    • Scorbitz will provide every game score for all your team's games automatically as soon as the game is finished
    • Multi-season support means your fans will be able to check any of your team's past season results with ease


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