"Home Games and Away Games" best describes the growing access you will have during the integration phases of SCORBITZ. The revolution begins with you bringing SCORBITZ to your sports venue, school, or event so you can immediately begin following all the teams playing at your HOME venue.

Since your teams compete locally, regionally or nationally, you will want to recruit the rest of your AWAY game venues to join SCORBITZ, so you can follow all of your team's games at HOME and On the Road. By uniting all your team's scheduled venues, the possibilities for greater fan experiences are endless.
The future for SCORBITZ Live Score Nation is both exciting and inevitable. We are all part of the SCORBITZ revolution dedicated to enhancing the way we follow sports and interact with other fans. SCORBITZ will unite all sports fans in their journey to experience unique sports history in real-time, with social media excitement and relevance.


  1. Get your team venues to join the SCORBITZ Live Score Nation, and then download the FREE SCORBITZ App!

  2. Share the SCORBITZ story with your favorite online Fan/Team communities to recruit and unite other fans to join the SCORBITZ Live Score Nation.

  3. Begin to enjoy connecting in real-time with your favorite team’s HOME VENUE games while you share scores, thoughts, team spirit and news with your Social Media communities.


  1. Sign Up for your account at SCORBITZ.com ! You can pay for your system online with a credit card!

  2. Order your SCORBITZ Scoreboard Gateway.

  3. Create your own Venue/School Page.

  4. Manage your teams and Game Schedules.

  5. Connect your fans and local sponsors.






  1. Share the vision to unite all the venues that serve the teams on your schedule so you can all follow AWAY games.

  2. Begin to enjoy connecting your favorite teams in real-time, while you share scores, thoughts, spirit and news with your Social Media Communities.

  3. Once this is accomplished you can follow your team on the road, stay on top of the real-time scores, and use your social media channels for Pre-Game, Game-Time, and Post-Game excitement.


  1. Helping to get all competing local, regional and national teams connected in the SCORBITZ System will allow you and your fans to follow AWAY games.

  2. Unifying all the venues on your competitive schedule also means more online followers to your venues adding potentially more advertising revenue.