When will SCORBITZ be available?

The SCORBITZ Scoreboard Gateway can be ordered now for venue administrators, and should be ordered soon.


The FREE SCORBITZ Fan App is available for iPhone and Droid!


Who buys SCORBITZ?

Fans: The SCORBITZ App is FREE for fans, so they can follow live streaming scores of their favorite teams that are part of the SCORBITZ Live Score Nation!

Sports Venues with Electronic Scoreboards: Each Sports venue purchases a SCORBITZ Scoreboard Gateway for each scoreboard. Then they can easily schedule and stream each game live to all their fans via SCORBITZ. Venue owners also have the option of investing in the Advertising Revenue Program where they can generate new revenue streams for their organization. The Gateway is available now.

Advertisers: Advertisers will want to place ads with you once you get your SCORBITZ Venues and Games set up!


Is the App available for IOS and Droid?



Are my teams on SCORBITZ?

Your teams must be linked to the SCORBITZ system via a SCORBITZ Scoreboard Gateway. The revolution begins with you bringing SCORBITZ to your sports venue, school, or event so you can immediately begin following all the teams playing at your HOME venue.

Since your teams compete within a District or Conference, you will want to recruit the rest of your District or Conference to join SCORBITZ, so you can follow all of your team's Home and Away Games. By uniting all your team's scheduled venues, the possibilities for greater fan experiences are endless.