Follow to steps below to create a fully functioning SCORBITZ organization account.


Step 1 ) Create an Account

Before you can order SSGs or sign up for the advertising program you need an account. Click this link [SignUp] and create a free Scorbitz administrator account by entering your email address, username and password. For more information on how to create an account click this link [Tutorial Video] to watch the account setup tutorial.


Step 2 ) Order your Scorbitz Equipment

Once yor account is setup you can order an SSG by visiting your "My Venues" page. The two buttons highlighted in the image below correspond to two different SSG products. The SSG-N works with Nevco scoreboards. The SSG-D works with Daktronics scoreboards. Once you have selected the appropriate SSG you will then be prompted to enter your shipping and credit card information. Scorbitz recommends purchasing one SSG per venue.

You can also sign up for the Advertising Revenue Program and gain access to the advertisement above all your virtual scoreboards. The program is optional but it could generate a good deal of new revenue for your organization. To sign up visit your "My Advertisments" page. Click the button highlighted in the image below and enter your billing and credit card information to sign up.



Step 3 ) Create Your Venues

Once you have an account and have ordered an SSG for each of your venues the next step is to create a virtual venue for each stadium, gym or ballfield you plan to hook up to Scorbitz. To create a virtual venue, go to your "My Venues" page and click the "Create Venue" button at the bottom of the page. When you are entering all the required info for you venue make sure you pay careful attention to the two fields highlighted "Important Fields" in the image below.


Step 4 ) Setup Your Advertisements

Disregard this step if you did not sign up for the Advertising Revenue Program. Once you sign up for the Advertising Revenue Program you can begin uploading ads to display above your venues. To do this simply visit your "My Advertisements" page and click the "New Ad" button.