"Advertising Revenue"



Easily Activate a New Revenue Stream

SCORBITZ is an Online Sports Community serving your fans wanting access to the streaming live scores of the games played in your stadiums, gymnasiums and ball fields. By automatically linking your current scoreboard data in real-time to the SCORBITZ and FREE Fan App, you gain access to a new revenue generator for your school or organization.

New Advertising Inventory

By purchasing an advertising revenue program for your organization and linking to SCORBITZ you will provide a VALUABLE LIVE CONTENT STREAM to your fans and be given valuable Mobile Advertising Inventory to enhance your current advertising plan. You can manage and sell the ads above your games personally or you can use the SCORBITZ 660 SPONSOR PLAN shown below to create revenue.



Purchase Ads on Scorbitz

Advertisers, show your support for your local and regional teams with advertisements that reach your target audiences and provide much needed revenue for your local schools and sports venues. Get in contact with your local school and tell them you want to advertise on their SCORBITZ virtual scoreboard.

Triple the Power of Your Sponsorship

  • Advertising Space above the school or organization's SCORBITZ games displayed website
  • Advertising Space on the school or organization's games displayed on the FREE Fan App on both iPhone and Android phones
  • Most of your advertising dollars will go to the teams for needed items such as equipment, scholarships and travel.

SCORBITZ 660 Sponsor Plan

Use our 660 Sponsor Plan to sell 6 seasonal sponsorships for each team, or 6 annual venue sponsorships. Each sponsor's advertisement will cycle once every 60 seconds, generating sixty 10-second ads every hour of every home game! Sponsors and advertisers are looking for this valuable new inventory! Sponsors can support one or more teams or venues depending on their budget. With the 660 plan your school could be generating $200-$1000+ per Team Sponsorship for one season, or $1200-$6000+ per Venue Sponsorship**


Unite Your Division / Conference

Invite all the teams in your district or conference to join SCORBITZ and automate all games so your fans can keep up with every conference game in real-time. By uniting the district more fans will join the Scorbitz nation. Then fans of both teams will be watching games on your virtual scoreboard, making your advertising real-estate even more valuable. Don't keep SCORBITZ a secret, invite all the schools in your area to join so they can start creating revenue for their schools and organizations too.


**The revenue outline provided within this webpage is for illustrative purposes only. The actual revenue generated by your school may vary based on several factors. SCORBITZ is not responsible for selling advertising or guarantee of revenuegeneration.